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why choose otg skincare?

Finally, a universal skincare system that takes the guesswork out of the need to find the right product to fit your skin type.  Our system was created and designed by Tasha Madison, a Licensed Esthetician and owner of On the Go Wellness Spa. 

Introducing our first skincare line, “The Basics” This system was formulated to Cleanse, Moisturize, Tone and Protect without stripping your skin, or creating issues that arise when not using the correct products.  "As an Esthetician, 90% of my clients come in without the basic knowledge and foundation to skincare.  Because of this the majority of issues treated are from the lack of use of foundation skincare."   Without this basic knowledge it’s easy to get pulled into the web of the beauty industry’s marketing ploy and spend money on products that are marketed to work, target and treat but formulated and designed with chemicals  that make your skin worse due to simply not being the right products for your skin or needing a full regimen for them to work correctly.  

The goal for this skincare system is to simplify skincare by providing a daily routine built for all skin types and conditions.  Its an Aloe based product designed to hydrate properly and maintain healthy skin.  Our product is sure to leave your skin feeling clean with a touch of green tea, and moisturized without that heavy feeling...finished with a hydration toner and mineral based SPF.   

Pre-Order your full set Today and get this set for $99 (Reg. price $149).